How Pupils Learn: a development programme

Spring 2022

5 half day, face-to-face sessions

Pioneer Education at Harrison Primary School

For Early Career Teachers, Teachers trained before 2020 or teachers returning to teaching

An excellent professional development programme for all teachers including ECTs, teachers returning to teaching or those trained before 2020. 


Session 1: Cognition & Memory

  • Cognitive science and how pupils learn as novice & expert  learners
  • How to organise knowledge into increasingly complex, carefully sequenced mental models (schemata)
  • Cognitive load theory
  • The importance of considering prior learning & misconceptions
  • How to link new learning to existing knowledge when planning learning journeys to support novice learners with their working & long term memory and building schemata.

Session 2: Instructional Strategies

  • Instructional strategies such as examples and non-examples, fading, dual coding, worked examples and scaffolding
  • The importance of high quality modelling, including narrating to demonstrate to pupils how experts think
  • How modelling high quality oral language and spoke language underpins the development of reading and writing.

Session 3: Assessment & Feedback

  • How effective assessment is critical (formative and summative); teachers are responsible for the progress, attainment and outcomes of the pupils they have taught
  • How to structure tasks and questions to enable the identification of prior knowledge, knowledge gaps and misconceptions
  • How effective feedback should support pupils to monitor and regulate their own learning, including pupils responding to feedback
  • Written marking being one form of feedback and that alternative approaches should be considered.

Session 4: Retrieval Practice

  • How retrieval practice can consolidate and develop knowledge, both within lessons and over time.
  • How retrieval practice can support development of memory and schemata in learning
  • The direct and indirect benefits of retrieval practice
  • How a range of approaches to retrieval practice can be used, including spaced learning and interleaving.

Session 5: Metacognition

  • How learners’ understanding of themselves as learners, improves learning outcomes
  • The importance of explicitly teaching metacognitive strategies
  • How to plan for, monitor and evaluate metacognitive practices to support pupils independence and academic success.


Session 1 Thursday 12th January '23 9am- 12noon
Session 2 Thursday 24th January '23 1pm-4pm
Session 3 Tuesday 7th February '23 9am- 12noon
Session 4 Thursday 2nd March '23 1pm-4pm
Session 5 Tuesday 14th March '23 9am-12noon

 LOCATION: Harrison Primary School, Fareham, PO16 7EQ

COST: £175 per person (discount for Fareham & Gosport Primary SCITT alumni)


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