Anxiety Management Workshop

Tuesday 15th November 2022

4pm- 5.30pm

Online, via zoom

Suitable for all teaching staff


Children in school are experiencing more anxiety at younger ages. Their lives are complex and children are anxious about aspects of school, home life and their relationships.

They often lack the resilience to cope with any difficult feelings. Learning happens best when children do not have large emotions present. Helping them manage anxiety and work through anxious moments not only promotes wellbeing but also provides the foundation for successful learning.


During interactive workshop, you will:

  • Learn strategies for helping children cope, manage and even overcome their anxieties
  • Understand anxiety triggers
  • Understand the anxiety process in the body and common outward signs

Date: Tuesday 15th November 2022

Time: 4pm- 5.30pm

Location: Online, via Zoom

Cost: £35 per person - 10% discount for multiple participants



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